I’m Kirsty and thanks for popping by to Not so Krusty Loaf to say hi!

This has always been a passion project of mine and I’m finally taking the plunge and supporting myself and my journey. 

You may be wondering what’s with the name ‘Not so Krusty Loaf’… Well, it all started

in the office with my friend and laughing at the many emails we’d receive and how many people misspelled our names (her name is Mhairi, you have no idea how many times people would address her as My Hairy. Classic.) I then received an email ‘Dear Krusty’ and we both started laughing. Mhairi stated, ‘well.. Not so Krusty Loaf’ referencing my intolerance to Gluten and ergo Not so Krusty Loaf was born! 

There’s a running joke between my girlfriends that I’m on a mission for that illustrious ‘blue tick’ due to my avid Instagramming and obsessive picture taking. And for my 30th birthday they surprised me with my very own blue tick, hashtags and new Instagram handle and encouraged me to start my blogging journey which I harp on about all the time without taking the leap.

Cute fact… This was a year ago today. I owe it to them, but more importantly, I owe it to myself, to finally do this. It’s not about the blue tick, or the ‘number of followers’, it’s the community, it’s helping people. I have a story and I want to share it with you. 

I’m on a new journey of self-love and acceptance. Realising the importance of being your own best friend and cheerleader. Filling our bodies and minds with everything good and wholesome. There will be recipes (gluten free and Low Fodmap), style and fashion fun, self-care importance, mental health matters and keeping fit along the way.

This page is a platform for everything. I want it filled with joy and happiness but also not to forget the dark times and struggles that we face with our mental health and when life sometimes gets us down. So above all, this page will be honest. Always honest. 

I can’t wait to get to know you all more and to build a community ❤


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