Pandemic Birthday Party? Piece of cake…

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I was originally feeling a bit blue when it came to celebrating my birthday in lockdown. I’m such a birthday person, I’m that guy who messages all my friends on the day before my birthday with ‘Happy Kirsty Birthday eve!”. I throw big parties for my birthday and love celebrating for as long as I can get away with… I take the term Birth Month very seriously.

I had planned on having a big day party which always turns into a night party. And I love to think that all my friends can not only enjoy it as my birthday celebration but also a start of the Summer party for us all to be together and have fun! 

So when it became apparent that I was going to be in lockdown for my birthday I did feel a little lost and forlorn, not because I was sad to be spending it with my family who I knew I would have such a wonderful time with, but because I was missing my friends. I was missing hosting events and feeling like my party was the beginning of our Summer. I was missing the known plan of what Summer was going to be and feeling a little unsure of life in lockdown again. 

I’ll still throw a party when I’m back in London and we can all get together with our friends again. And for that I cannot WAIT for that time to come. But until that time is here, my Pandemic Birthday Party was everything I could have imagined, and more. 

I know that lockdown is now easing, and some restrictions are lifting so you may feel this post to be irrelevant – But what I do think is that we should still proceed cautiously into life going back to ‘normal’. I personally still don’t feel comfortable going out to busy bars or restaurants yet and would like to still maintain all of my social distancing measures. So, with this in mind… here are my 5 ‘P’s’ (Geddit? Where my marketing and event planners at?) for throwing the perfect Pandemic Birthday Party. All of which are fully transferable to just having a non-pandemic party in the park! 


I started the day with my favourite banana pancakes with a heathy dose of maple syrup, a fresh pot of strong coffee and my mum, sister and I sat round our kitchen table, tucked in and as Mum says, put the world to rights.  


What more of a quintessentially Summer way to spend a day than to have a picnic. And the beauty of a picnic is it can be held indoors or outdoors! Now, yes, it’s Summer but if you live in the UK, we all know what that means. We may be lucky if we get a solid week of sunshine, so what we’re best at is that rain check – literally!

Grab a picnic blanket, a tablecloth, even a bed sheet and find a delicious spot outside or create a space by a window inside. 

When I had initially looked at the forecast, it was raining all day, so we set up our picnic inside.

But as the day went on, I think someone upstairs knew I was hoping for some sunshine, the weather turned, and it ended up being the most beautiful day so OUTFIT CHANNGE and outside we went!

My mum is the biggest fan of ‘bits ‘n’ bobs’ and this will include all the best picnic snacks like quiche or frittata, hard boiled eggs, potato salad, mixed greens, juicy baby tomatoes, olives. A cheese and charcuterie board. Fresh, crusty French stick (or in my case the Gluten Free packet alternative – which isn’t that bad!), and a selection of delicious fresh seafood.


What party is a party without prosecco. Or sippy spilly juice as my clumsy friends and I call it. 

4. PIECE of cake

Cake! Obviously. 

Why not spend the day before or the morning of your big day baking a cake. I find baking so soothing and with my dietary requirements, tend to take on the role of Head Baker.

I found this great recipe for a Gluten Free, Low FODMAP confetti cake and thought what an excellent cake to spend time baking especially when I have more time on my hands. This three-layered beauty was VERY sweet but what is a birthday party if you don’t get a sugar high from the birthday cake.


No. Not presents, althought presents are great.

Be PRESENT. The most important P in my opinion. It is so easy for us to sit on our phones and lose ourselves in a whirlwind of comparison to someone else’s highlight reel. Checking to see how much they have achieved during lockdown, and if we haven’t achieved the same amount as them, then we haven’t been working hard enough. Trust me, we all do it. 

And during lockdown it has certainly happened more with the loneliness kicking in, we turn to social media for validation. Even if you are lucky enough to have been locked down with friends or family, social media and the picture of perfection still draws us in. 

So my top tip is to be present, and this goes for everyone. Put your phones down. Yes, of course, take pictures (sorry!) and snapshot that moment for your memory box – but it doesn’t need to be shared right away. Take me for example – I’m sharing this post over a month later. It still has the same meaning to me and I still want to share it and I’m excited to see what you all think, but I managed to be wholly present with my family during my birthday and I’m delighted to have this memory.

Has anyone else spent their birthday in lockdown? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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